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CELLforCURE, a feedback on Japan

CELLforCURE is a pharmaceutical company specialized in the industrial production of cell and gene therapy medicines. Founded in 2010, it operates since 2013 Europe’s leading industrial platform in terms of capacity. CELLforCURE has operated as a CDMO with several Japanese companies since its creation.

Interview with Sébastien Renouf, Director of Pharmaceutical Affairs and Deputy Managing Director.

Q. How do you get to meet your Japanese customers?

CELLforCURE is part of the LFB group, specialists in biological medicinal products. We rely on its business development to approach Japanese structures directly without using the local network, even if we attend events with them such as BioJapan.

Q. Can you describe these collaborations

Our Japanese clients are pragmatic, attentive and extremely responsive collaborators. Through the coaching of LFB, who knows the culture, we have learned to be extremely clear, to state one idea at a time, without embedding it in a flow of information. It is a very direct diplomacy. Of course, there is the question of respect for the hierarchy, but the few misunderstandings encountered come more from the difference in scale between the worlds of research and pharmacy than from the culture.

Q. What particularity did you see?

On the topic of induced pluripotent stem cells, we feel there is a strong political will following Yamanaka’s Nobel Prize [in 2012 Ndlr]. Some contracts with Japan have required lengthy negotiations, sometimes without success. The one we signed to produce megakaryocytes from IPS was completed in three months!

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