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CELLforCURE, a feedback on Japan

CELLforCURE is a pharmaceutical company specialized in the industrial production of cell and gene therapy medicines. Founded in 2010, it operates since 2013 Europe’s leading industrial platform in terms of capacity. CELLforCURE has operated as a CDMO with several Japanese companies since its creation. Interview with Sébastien Renouf, Director of Pharmaceutical Affairs and Deputy Managing […]

Portraits of Japanese start-ups

Cyclodextrin based drug development and health food Cyding was born in April 2016. This pre-seed start-up, originated from Kumamoto University (Kyushu), is building off studies on cyclodextrin to enhance the solubility and bioavailability of hydrophobic compounds. The company develops drugs and drug delivery carriers for oncology and gene therapy, and wishes to extend its knowhow […]

Japanese clusters, a broad concept

In Japan, the definition of cluster is not as restricted as in France or Europe. One can find some cluster organisation that closely match their Western counterparts, where an independent institution promotes and supports cooperation between companies, R & D centers and universities within the same region and in their international activities.

Masayo Takahashi, regenerative medicine pioneer

Researcher and clinician at RIKEN Leader of the Retinal Regeneration Laboratory What triggered the shutdown of your first human trial, launched in 2013? In November 2014, a regulatory change required that any clinical study using stem cells be led by a medical institution. RIKEN being a research institute, our trial of age-related macular degeneration treatment […]

Osaka CCI action for pharma, health and MD sectors

Interview of Junichi Azuma, Osaka CCI Life Science Promotion Created in 1878, the Osaka Chamber of Commerce and Industry is the second oldest in Japan and has about 30 000 members. Its Life Science Industry Committee focuses on 3 segments: pharmaceutical, healthcare and health food, medical devices. What are the initiatives of Osaka CCI in […]

Regulaxis anticipe la Phase II du traitement de l’arthrose du genou au stade précoce

    Lauréat de la phase 2 du SME/H2020 qui finance la phase I d’essai clinique de la molécule REG-O3, Regulaxis prévoit la suite. Une levée de fonds est en cours. « Nous avons remporté la seconde partie du programme SME-Inst/H2020 financé à hauteur de 2,1 millions d’euros» annonce non sans fierté Claude Carelli, le PDG […]

Japan, a giant under mutation

Despite recently ranked 9th in the annual global competitiveness list of the World Economic Forum in Davos, Japan is undergoing a profound challenge to its economic model. Its keirestu – conglomerates of diverse businesses linked together by a dense network of financial and executive interests – once the driving force of its economy, have begun […]

Euglena, from algae to food, biofuel and beyond

Exploiting the huge versatility of Euglena gracilis compounds, Euglena Corporation is mass producing algae based products, attempting to create a carbon cycling society in the process. In 1998, Mitsuru Izumo, at that time a first-year student at the University of Tokyo (Todai), went to Bangladesh. His first encounter with poverty and malnutrition sparked his will to […]

Cellules-souches : nous devons poursuivre les recherches

En partenariat avec RTFlash Vendredi, 13/10/2017  Version PDF zoom Il y a presque 20 ans, les équipes de recherche de James Alexander Thomson, Joseph Istkovitz-Eldor et Benjamin Reubinoff, parvenaient à  produire les premières lignées de cellules-souches embryonnaires chez l’homme, faisant entrer la médecine dans une nouvelle ère, celle de la médecine régénérative, capable potentiellement de […]

Hub Hello Tomorrow in Japan

Hello Tomorrow will announce the creation of a hub in Japan during its Global Summit (Paris, from October 25th to 27th). This hub is managed by a Japanese association involving Hello Tomorrow and prominent Japanese companies. The goal is to develop the visibility of the Japanese Deep Tech Venture ecosystem in connection with Hello Tomorrow […]

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